Sunday, 24 June 2012

Well, we went.

So after my deliberations on the Olympic Flame, we decided that if it was a nice day we'd go and if it was raining we wouldn't bother.
The sun shone today so off we went up the very steep hill to the park where one of the big muster points was going to be. Mainly, I was in favour of going because they chose to hold our annual Parkfest on the same day and our local park is pretty awesome, especially when it's holding an event.

The Flame itself.. meh. The Coca-Cola company were out in force and we did get a free drink each (in limited edition fancy aluminium bottles no less) but Small lost out in getting any of the drums, inflatable torches and assorted other fripperies that were being handed out to bigger kids with better elbows helping them get to the front. Not that any of it was worth having but still, all the money being spent on this event the least my child can get out of it is something to bang. Other corporate sponsors also had floats and there was a lot of waiting while they went past, then a lot of security and shiny support vehicles and finally, a woman in white jogged past with a moth eaten foil cone and everyone cheered. Except Small, who protested at the noise and asked me to turn them down.
Then we went to the park. Much better, they had dancing demos, fencing demos, skate and BMX demos, the miniature railway was running, there were carnival rides and circus schools and bands and all sorts of things. It rained on and off while we were there but we had brollies so all was well and we had a pretty good time before heading off to get Small home for his nap.

So there you go, one event that they made a huge fuss about and spent a lot of corporate money ensure that everyone HAD A GOOD TIME, DAMMIT and one much more relaxed, local venture that was just happening, come along if you like. Maybe it's me and I recognise I'm a awkward cow but I know which one I liked better.

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