Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Path Of My Life Is Strewn With Cowpats From The Devil's Own Satanic Herd

So I got the news about lunchtime. The bad, easy news. I was not philosophical. I was not resilient. I was not practical. Nooooo, I was -
and extremely so. For hours. 
With reason, it started as something I just thought I'd take a chance on, got surprised and decided to give it my all despite some misgivings and while waiting for the outcome which had, I thought, a good chance of coming  off for me, talked myself into seeing every drawback as an actual postive. So yeah, bit gutted.

But the whole emo thing isn't me. I annoy myself with the sound of my own sobbing so 6 hours was about my limit. Now I just need to get what I can out of the whole experience and then build on it. If nothing else, it's given me a path where I was just floundering before.
I can work on this and for the record, I have a wonderful husband and a great marriage. A fabulous, funny, incredible little boy, a lovely family, nice home, amazing friends and a cushy, first world lifestyle with heating and plumbing and a safety net if it all goes wrong. There is nothing to cry about.*

*Nothing to cry for more than 6 hours about, obviously.

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  1. (((((HUGS)))))

    Doesn't matter how much you try and counter-balance disappointment with the positives, it's still a disappointment. So have some more (((((hugs)))) or bank them for when you feel in need of some again.