Saturday, 23 June 2012

Shopping sucks

Well, I'm often to be found wandering around shops without much complaint but when I actually need to get stuff, I'm not a great fan. I never have been, the pressure coupled with my habit of wanting clothes of a style that no one is making for a price that no one is selling at rather spoils it for me. Add a toddler into the mix and it reaches new heights of suckage.

These days, this weight, I'm fortunate to be able to get most of what I want from H&M, which is both cheap and able to provide me with clothes I'd actually wear. H&M though, provides it's own gauntlet, that of it's sizes.

Women's clothing sizes, at least in the UK, are even at the best of times as reliable and constant as a premier league footballer. When shopping, I know I can buy a size 8 in Next and it will fit, although I think I need to try the jeans in a 6 and see how I get on. In most other places if I'm unfamiliar with their fit I take a 10 and a 12 into the changing room [assuming I'm toddler free and a changing room is an option] and generally the 10 will work.
In H&M though, all bets are off. They're smaller sized anyway but I can never tell what size I should pick up, ever. I have a lot of their clothes and some of them are 10's which fit well, or 10's that are a little big. I also have a lot of  12's and a few 14's that I think are a little too tight. All from the same shop! And because chances to go shopping either without toddler or with a third party who can wrangle him for me while I try stuff on, my shopping from there frequently operates on a kind of short term hire basis. I'm always returning stuff and while I do occasionally swap them for bigger sizes, I spent a whole year reducing my body weight and I didn't do that to still have to buy a size 16, even if I'm the only one who knows I did. 

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