Friday, 15 June 2012


Back when I was pregnant, once I was past the 12 week mark and confident that Blob-who-would-one-day-be-known-as-Small was a keeper, I looked for a site to join to guide me through the whole, new experience. Out of the blue, I picked Babycentre. It had slightly annoying, out of date forum software but I liked that you could join separate groups depending on your interests and that there were groups for each due date month. I certainly lucked out with being due in April 2010.

It has been my very great fortune to connect with a stunning group of women. Over the years the members of the original group that I'm in daily contact with and close to has whittled down from a few hundred to 50 or so and amongst those lost are people I would have preferred to keep but given my not inconsiderable talent for annoying or boring most of my friends away within a year or so I'm quite happy. Some I'm closer to than others of course.

We're scattered all over the country, and one or two cases, the world. We keep in touch now through a group on FB, I can't remember when I last visited Babycentre but they are probably the first people I go to with news, or to confide in, or just to have a laugh with. A few of us live more locally to each other and we try to get together even so often with the kids. It's great. Through a series of random chances I have in my life some of the most amazing, resilient, intelligent and fun women I've ever met. And a few I haven't "met" in the strictest sense of the term. I met with some of them today, in Preston. Just a few hours in a playgym but great times, with great people. And Brian ;)

I know I'm gushing but I have very good cause to gush. These women are pure gold and I hope I'll never be without them.

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