Tuesday, 26 June 2012

And in direct contrast...

Tonight Small is not for sleeping, Big is not for the gym and I am not for resting.

In many ways it makes me appreciate evenings like last night all the more but mostly what I'm thinking is 'oh gods I have to work tomorrow I need some rest and relaxing time ARRRGH!'

ION, Big has applied his press pass to this year's BOA (Bloodstock Open Air for the uninitiated, a heavy metal festival held in Derbyshire in August) and for the first time since Small's birth has applied for a pass for me also (I get a photo pass, he is journo) His approval is pretty much a given, he's gotten one every other year since he started the podcast - Wyrd Ways Rock Show might as well promote the chap - but we'll see if they let me in. If they do... we'll have to bring Small. Now on the one hand that's fantastic, kids are not unknown at Bloodstock, a pair of decent kiddie ear defenders and we're a go. A huge part of me loves the idea of the wee guy charming his way round the press tent and bopping to death metal in his inimitable fashion. If the weather is like it was the first year I went, it could be whole worlds of awesome.

On the other... it could rain and while wet, muddy toddler is fun when a warm house, bath and change of clothes is a few feet away, much less so when we're miles and miles from home and can't leave because the driver is booked up with interviews. Small might love the atmosphere but also might freak out at the crowds and the noise, he is impossible to predict and a lot depends on how tired he is or how bad his molars are bothering him.

Hmmm.. I would totally love to go though... decisions.

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