Sunday, 10 June 2012

Oh man...

So today has been a nice day. I'm sore right now and tired so we had a lazy morning and only put on some laundry and had breakfast. D had been up quite early ergo needed his nap earlier too so it turned out that by half one he was up and ready to go out. It was a much nicer day than forecast so I took a risk with my washing line full of clean clothes and towels and we headed off to (yet another) local farm that has diversified into ice cream making and has a wee cafe/restaurant and play area for kids etc. It was fab, definitely our favourite so far that's close by.

Did a smash and grab grocery shop on the way home as we failed to do it yesterday, squeaking through the checkout just as they closed. Home and laundry in (thankfully still dry) then tea cooking. It's Big's turn to bath Small and put him to bed so I clear the kitchen, do the washing up, sweep the floor, make it all pretty then walk into the bombsite living room. Then I'm picking up stickle bricks, clearing away pirate ships and dumper trucks and crayons, then hoovering, running upstairs with overflow toys, taking wet wipes to newly discovered blobs of todder meals stuck to the carpet.

As I retracted the hoover cable it happened. The unbidden, treacherous thought entered my head.

That's better, I can relax now it's all tidy

NOOOOOOOOO! Proof that if I hadn't been already, I'm now well on the way to becoming my mother.

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