Friday, 8 June 2012

Harrods? You can keep it.

Today I went to Wilko's for a ice cream scoop. Our last scoop broke the other day.
Now, I'm fairly new to Wilko's (Wilkinson's if you prefer) as they don't exist in Scotland, or at least not in Aberdeenshire and for many years after moving down here I didn't really get the chance to wander round shopping anywhere that had one. Then I moved to Huddersfield and could aimlessly wander round a half-way decent shopping area at my own pace without a husband in Smash and Grab mode. And there I discovered the wonder of Wilko's. It's just a shop, the kind of shop that sells everything from washing powder to lipstick to compost to bread to wallpaper to furniture and so on. Cheaply. These days if I want anything, I go there first to see if they have it.
The problem with this is that while I might go in to quickly pick up a new lightbulb for the cooker hood, I never leave with just that.
Today, as I said, I went in for an ice cream scoop. I got one too, it's shaped like a polar bear and it's cute. But I also saw they had these fab pizza cutter wheels shaped like a piranha, it was only £3 so I bought it. Then I saw they had silcone cupcake cases, which I've been considering buying, for £2 so I got them too. Then I saw...
Well, if you're a kitchen gadget freak like me (and lets be honest, why wouldn't you be?)  you will be aware of those nifty folding chopping boards that Joseph Joseph do. You know, the ones that come in funky colours and are flat to chop on but when you squeeze the handle the sides come up so you can tip all the chopped stuff neatly into the pan rather than all over the hob? Oh for heaven's sake, one of these - folding chopping board

See that, see how ingenious that is? See how expensive that is? Wilko had their own make, just the same, for £2. And they had purple ones.
And the beauty part is, it's all 'household' stuff. That is guilt-free bargain shopping right there. Cute, colourful, fun, bargainous stuff that probably no one but me is ever going to use (ok, Big will use the ice cream scoop) and I don't have to feel bad about any of it. Get in.

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