Monday, 25 June 2012

Perfect peace

I don't get a lot of time just to myself. From waking up in the morning I'm pretty much on the go, either busy with Small or seeing to housework (not that you can tell) or planning the necessary tasks for the day. Even when I take a break to catch myself up it's subject to circumstances allowing and it's not usually long enough to in any way relax.

But there is a perfect time that I can find on the odd evening, when Small is fast asleep, the house is pretty much straight, Big is out at the gym or dj-ing or whatever and I have done everything I need to do and I know if I get myself a cuppa and a snack I can finish it without interruption. Oh bliss

Evenings like these are gold, for the peace, for the solitude, for the time just not to be needed for anything.
I may even take myself off for an early night and finish this godawful book I'm reading and am only going to bother finishing because I want to see if there's anything, anything in it to explain why it's so popular.

Yes, I think that's exactly what I'll do.



  1. I relate, in so many ways. I've not yet read the book that I assume you're talking about, but I plan on reading it for the very same reason

  2. It was lovely. Book finished and absolutely no redeeming features discovered. I assume it's me though, I didn't like Harry Potter either so I keep missing the Zeitgeist