Monday, 4 June 2012

Looking forward to summer!

And yes, I am. This summer will feature our first ever real family holiday, ie not visiting family in Scotland but actually going away somewhere just the three of us. Cornwall :) I love Cornwall and I really think Small will too, we're going to take him to Peppa Pig World on the way and spend time letting him play with a bucket and spade on the beach and we'll relax and eat Rick Stein fish and chips. Can't wait.

This summer will also feature a lot of time outside so cross your fingers for me that the weather is favourable. We will be outside a lot because of sport. We are not a sporty household, we are a geeky household. Big, if asked, will confess to a fondness for Rugby League and athletics but I've only known him attend a game once in all our years together, never seen him watch Rugby on tv and only watches athletics if there's a meet on and there's nothing else to watch. The pair of us will happily watch F1, but less and less these days. We're just not wired that way. The prospect of the tv schedules being given over to football and olympics for weeks on end does not fill me with joy.

The torch is coming through our town in a couple of weeks, we have many, many little signs on lamp-posts telling us to

Line The Streets
Join The Celebration

I don't know, it's running past our wonderful local park, it's at lunchtime on a Sunday and the park is having an event day to celebrate. On the one hand, it may not happen again in our lifetime (or for a very long time) and it'd be something Small should possibly see. The event at the park alone would be worth going to, judging by past experience.
On the other hand, I don't care. I don't like crowds, neither does Small or for that matter, does Big. Perhaps Small should be able to see a possibly once in a lifetime event but he's two and not even a half, he won't understand and he won't remember. Also, that sneaky bit of me that sticks up a middle finger at authority on the quiet really dislikes those signs. Even an exclamation mark would help, or putting the phrase on a banner at the top rather than underneath all the dates and info where it just looks like an instruction rather than an invitation. Yeah, I'm reading a lot into it. Doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Anyway, a fairly pleasant summer will go down very well here, we will play in the garden, we will go to the park, we will wander round town and eat ice cream. We will go to Cornwall. It will be wonderful.

Just please gods, don't let it constantly rain!

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