Saturday, 18 August 2012

We Are From Aberdeen, You Lose.

Today, because both Small and Nephew are train mad, we thought we'd take them to the Kirklees Light Railway. This seemed an especially good idea as they were having a special Thomas themed day, with engines done up like the Thomas engines and a Fat Controller, sorry Sir Toppum Hat. We've been before and thought it a great day so off we all trundled.
It was a bit disappointing to find that they bumped their prices up for the event. Not just bumped the prices up by a few quid but also lowered the minimum age to pay so that a reasonable day out became a stupidly expensive one. Being that we are from Aberdeen and therefore cannier with our pennies even than Yorkshire folk, we made a unanimous decision to Sod That. Instead we ate some lunch and made use of their playground for free, then took ourselves to Yummy Yorkshire for ice cream instead. The boys were none the wiser, delighted just to play together and watch some trains and eat ice cream and play in the sandpit at YY.

We got home and had a BBQ for tea, Black Farmer gluten free sausages are delicious by the way and worth buying even if you're not coeliac. Chicken and a chicken/sausage kebabs went on too and we did some potatoes in garlic mayo and some in honey mustard dressing and some salad to go with. The boys went mental with the garden toys all the while and a good time was had by all.

Now if only we could get Small back into his bedtime habit so he doesn't protest for two and a half hours before conceding to sleep, things would be perfect!

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