Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Toddler Logic

I'm trying to gently nudge Small towards attempting potty training. He's resisting.
Today after tea I had to change him anyway so figured we'd leave off the nappy until after his bath and got out the Pixar Cars pants I'd bought the other day.
He liked the pants right enough, spent a lot of time upside down trying to get a better look at Mater. We had yet another conversation about how if he needed to wee he should let me know and use the potty.

After about half an hour he got up from where he'd been lying and proclaimed 'oh dear, water!' at the suspicious but small puddle on the floor. 'oh dear,' I replied lightly 'have you had a wee?'

At this Small looked at me in surprise, gorgeous little face radiating innocence and from the very heart of his soul he told me 'oh no Mummy, wees go in the potty. Water happened

Oh right, of course.

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