Friday, 17 August 2012


My Mum, Dad, Sister and Nephew are visiting this weekend, they arrived this evening.
Just for a couple of hours there, Small (2) and Nephew (4) were completely hyper and insane. There was a flurry of gifts and toys (we don't see each other often) then toys being taken out of packaging and playing and happiness. It was like Christmas, wonderful.

They're both tuckered out and in bed now. I am also tuckered out as I've been cleaning all day in anticipation of Mum. It's a thing we women have, nothing is ever quite clean enough if Mum is coming to visit. Rather stupidly, I cleaned the kitchen, baked those macaroons, cleaned all that up and was finished just in time to start cooking our tea. Which of course I then to clear up after. So I've cleaned the kitchen 3 times today. Doh.

Anyway, the macaroons are pretty.

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