Sunday, 19 August 2012

Two Little Boys...

Had considerably more than two little toys, to be perfectly frank. Today they got even more!

Nephew had been granted holiday money which was burning a hole in his pocket. Roughly every 5 minutes or so, he'd remind us that we had to go to a toy shop so he could spend it. Other family had sent down spending money for Small too.
After a lovely trip up to the park this morning, we headed down into town for toy shop and a pub lunch. Nephew got what his mother described as "his body weight in Lego" and Small got a plastic kitchen that packs away into a very tidy little suitcase size. This on top of the Mike The Knight stuff, the playmobile crane and the toy cars my parents and sister arrived with for him!

It's worth a little spoiling though to see them playing together so wonderfully. They held hands in the park, played cars and cafes and in the ball pit and all sorts today just lovely. There is the odd moment of tension but less than you would expect from two very small boys who're still coming round to the concept of sharing.

While Small had his nap this afternoon myself and Nephew built a car and attachable caravan out of his Lego and I had tremendous fun doing it, even though he's four he gets sets aged 5-12 and the detail is fantastic. Can't wait til I get this stuff for D, but I've mentioned that before.

The afternoon was filled with silliness and fun and shouting and leaping and running so it's no surprise that both lads were a lot less trouble to put to bed tonight. Going to miss everyone when they go home tomorrow.

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