Friday, 10 August 2012

Start em early.

Mobile posting again.
This time because we've taken Small with us while we attend Bloodstock Open Air.
As you know, I was nervous about how he would handle it but he's been great. Despite hating his ear defenders at home, he wore them well once they were doing their job.
It was HOT today too but he's literally rocked it.
Grand Magus didn't go down too well but he dragged me into the Sophie tent and boogied away to Primitai. Also moshed away to Moonsorrow and Iced Earth. My boy.

We're thankfully not camping, Big didn't fancy it and a new tent for us all would have cost more than the premier inn he booked on the cheap so win/win.
Big has returned to the festival for the evening so I'm waiting for D to settle. He's stopped bouncing on the bed now at least!

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