Monday, 27 August 2012

CV Hell

Because I'm contemplating looking for a new job, I'm trying to write a CV (or resume, if you're in the US)

I haven't had to write one in about 10 years, they've changed a bit from the brief lists of employers, duties and educational qualifications that they used to be.

Now they're sales pitches.

I am not a woman given in any way to self-promotion. I do not even handle complements well from others, never mind complement myself. It's incredibly hard to change mental gears so enough of a degree that I don't just mumble vaguely about "well, I do that but lots of people do, it's nothing special"

Arg. Thank gods I have a good friend who is very kindly smacking me round the head with the kind of thing I should be saying. I wasn't raised to this kind of behaviour.

I'm very unsettled.

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