Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Toddlers. Arg

Small is being a big pain at the moment. Oh not all the time, mostly he's his normal, lovely crazy self but we're going to Bloodstock on Friday so we're trying to get him to wear his ear defenders and he's resisting. Hard.

As soon as they come out he starts protesting, if they're actually put on him he shrieks and you have to hold his hands to stop him whipping them straight off. It's tears and screaming all the way until they're gone.

We tried explaining what they were for, didn't work.
We tried wearing them ourselves, didn't work
We tried letting him choose stickers to put on them, he chose but ultimately it didn't work
We tried giving him a sticker every time he wore them, didn't work.

So I have absolutely no idea what we're going to do with him at the festival. Any suggestions of how to miraculously get him to love them gratefully received.

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