Monday, 20 August 2012


No, not finally my lovely family have gone home, I'm rather sad about that.
Finally, I've got somewhere with the fatigue.

It was actually a good day to go, as after the fab but hectic weekend we'd all had I was drained, weak and aching. Sobbed a little when explaining to doctor how Small had wanted lifting up earlier to look out of the window and I couldn't do it and how upset that had made me.

It's not that my GP isn't helpful, he is. Of all the doctors I've tried to discuss this with over the years, he's the first one to actually agree it's not right and we need to get to the bottom of it. I've been getting all sorts of blood tests for over a year now as he tries everything he can to locate a straightforward cause. I understand why he's had to do that but at times it felt like I was never going to get past that stage.

Now I'm past it, the last ditch batch of auto-immune tests came back no different than they had before so I now, finally, have my referral to the Chronic Fatigue Clinic. It doesn't mean I'm diagnosed CFS, it means I've exhausted the GP level of testing and diagnosis and will now go to specialists who will not only continue to look for a cause, but also help me deal with the symptoms, whatever the cause.

Thank the many and varied gods. I don't know how long a referral will take, I assume a good while but I'm just happy to have my referral!

There, tomorrow I'll have a nice little rant about Julian Assange to make up for all my dull, personal life ramblings of late ;)

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