Friday, 25 May 2012

Just when I thought it was safe to go shopping...

Oh my look at the time!

It's been a busy day here at Edge Towers. Small got up at quarter to six this morning and would accept no assurances that it was still night time as he was Starving Hungry. Teletubbies is rubbish at any time of day but at 6am I not in the least enthralled by 4 cooing alien things sitting round pretending to watch a badly CGI'd dancing bear. No, not even a little bit.

The sudden arrival of summer has taken me unawares and after 4 days on the trot of temps up above 22C, I'm bang out of suitable attire. So this morning I went shopping and struggled to find things to wear. Worse yet, the day is rapidly coming where I'm going to have to buy shoes. I didn't even look today because the shoes I've been wearing in the heat have done their annual job of turning my feet into Death By A Thousand Blisters.
We took Small out in his Smart Trike for the trip which was a win because no pushchair trantrums but fail because after every few minutes he wants to get off and push it himself. I did manage to find a few things in between the stressing and we got home before lunch. Nap for Small, mowing of lawns for me and Big while a second load of laundry went on.
And that's where it all unravelled.
Odd noise from washing machine. A by now familiar odd noise. A part that has broken a few times before now has broken again. The same day we replaced it for the umpteenth time. Yeah, we could order yet another part, they're not hard to fit but now we're getting to the stage of good money after bad. Arg.

So back my new clothes go to the shop tomorrow!

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