Monday, 28 May 2012


Boggards, Brownies, Wights, Imps, Gremlins, call them what you will. I have them.

I'm more than accustomed, when working on jewellery to tools I was using a second ago vanishing from the work bench. Sometimes they show up again, sometimes not. Sometimes they are mysteriously found in the very small drawer that was meticulously searched not five minutes before. It's annoying but it's ok.

What's annoying when the little buggers start pilfering in the house. I bought some sun cream the other day. The only sun protection in the house besides Small's Factor 50. I applied it the day after I bought it in the morning, then a bit more in the afternoon and I haven't seen it since. I found the cap from the bottle, nearby where I remember last having the rest of it but of the actual bottle itself, no sign.

We keep the only non-spill toddler cup we own in Small's room. The idea being that we keep it near him so if he needs a drink in the night he can get it himself without either getting us up or flooding his room. Of course he still wakes us up to reach over and get the cup for him but we hang on to the hope.
Tonight, we couldn't find it.

While I'm mostly sure that a little person is responsible for both disappearances and it's a rather larger little person than those listed above, Small's usual MO in moving things around is to put them in things, buckets, under the saddle of his ride on cars, that sort of thing. We've turned the house upside down and can't find either thing. He's not the sort of child to put things in the bin that have no business there either so I'm beginning to suspect other culprits now.

I'll be having a stern word with them tonight, I want my stuff back!

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