Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Bad Gardener.

I was so excited when we moved to this house almost two years ago. Previously we'd had a postage stamp sized paved over yard which I'd covered with pots and containers and grew my veggies in. Having a huge (in comparison) real actual garden seemed heaven sent.
Sadly, it's not worked out quite as I dreamed.
For one thing, anything I plant either dies mysteriously of it's own accord or vanishes overnight leaving only suspicious slime trails. I think all the slugs live the dry stone banking wall that makes up the back border of the garden. Horrible things.
What I need to do is properly plan out a layout and then take time to improve the soil, deter or as a last resort, kill the slugs and put some serious work in to care for the planted crops and nurse them to harvest time.
Sadly, this spring either it's been pretending to be winter, or I've been laid up with fatigue and pains or both. Priorities go in roughly this order - Small, Big, Cooking food, Work, housework, errands and so on, in times of difficulty, getting out in the cold to weed and dig and plant is not high on my list.

I want to make the time the way I used to but I really can't do it and at the moment I can't see things changing for the forseeable future. I'm actually considering removing my raised beds and storing them away in the garage for a few years, buying some play bark and making that end of the garden into a wee play area for D. The fruit trees and bushes can stay where they are, they mostly look after themselves after all. In a few years when plastic climbing frames have less of an appeal to Small and he's a bit more able to understand, we can convert it back into a growing area and he can have his own patch for growing his own veg. Hopefully by then I'll be less of a useless article too.

Now I have to go and check out the price of play bark or similar.

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