Friday, 18 May 2012

Economics and solving the global recession - My way

This is not the first time I have forwarded this theory. I think I've mentioned it on Twitter in the past.

It is my belief that the government should invest in buying every woman in the country over the age of 18 two new sets of bras and knickers every six months. Nice ones. Proper ones. Ones that fit. Possibly they could provide vouchers.

My reasoning is thus -
In hard times, the average person cuts back on all but the essentials and it's a rare person who can class a good  underwear set as essential.
It's a fact that women who are encased and supported by quality foundation garments are happier, more confident and more content.

Women make up half the population, they are wives, girlfriends, mothers, bosses, support staff, emergency service personnel, soldiers, they're everywhere and coming into contact all the time with the rest of the population. When you come into contact with happy people, you generally become happier yourself. Making half the population happy will have a knock on effect of making the entire population happy.
A happy populace is a productive, efficient, motivated populace.
A productive, efficient and motivated populace will not only work harder and complain less, striving all together to raise our nation out of recession and back into growth but will crucially, also vote for the very intelligent politicians who brought in the Undies Vouchers. Think of the jobs created in the underwear manufacturing industry, in the retail industry, hell from the boardroom to the cleaners there's going to a boost just from the increased demand for good pants. Consumer Confidence will be raised because if you're out shopping for your free underwear you're bound to pick up a few other bits and pieces for your partner, friend or kids just because of the happy glow. Gradually, the simple act of gifting our nations women with a regular supply of decent lingerie will mend the world.

And there you have it.


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