Saturday, 26 May 2012

Just Call Me Shirley Bassey

The weather is still gorgeous here so I decided to wear a little sun dress and leggings today and put some make up on to take Small to his Tumble Tots class this morning. Then we went to get the weekly shop in and I got Big to drop me in town on the way home so I could pick up some things I needed for the garden and call in to the hairdresses for my skin test before I get the hair re-purpled on Monday.

However, I wasn't going to wear my pretty dress to attack the weed infested would be veg patch erm... butterfly garden. so changed into old cut off joggers and a tshirt. Weeds duly attacked, raised beds dismantled, membrane pegged down, with a little help from Big when I started to flag a bit and a fair amount of help from Small who loves digging and comes running up yelling "My turn! My turn!" and trying to manhandle the spade from my grasp. Big also got the barbecue out and cleaned up and we were all done and dusted by half-four, so I went and got cleaned up and had another costume change back into my dress so I could then lounge around looking pretty in the sunshine while Big did the cooking.

By happy chance it was at this point that the good people at Appliances Online decided to deliver the new washing machine. Yes, the one I ordered yesterday evening. Not bad that, especially as delivery was completely free. Very happy puppy here. And because I'm the kind of multi-faceted modern woman who has purple hair and her own tool kit, I got it unpacked, removed the travelling bolts, plumbed it in and set it going on it's first (empty) cycle and only needed Big to help me shove it under the counter. This is just as well as the only way Big would be able to help me with any of that would be to phone his Dad to come do it.

So, sunny day, pretty dress, multiple costume changes, bbq dinner, a garden I can finally sit in without a) feeling horribly guilty and b) worrying about Small discovering nettles the hard way or eating a slug, new washing machine and a smug sense of accomplishment.


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