Sunday, 14 October 2012


Yeah, we three watched this happen live. Of course we did.

Ok, so Small found Peppa Pig infinitely more interesting than the ascent and the checks but we were all watching avidly by the fall. I confess, I think the guy is insane but it was incredible to witness.

Something else too, was a joy to witness. This -
A moment where all three of us were absolutely together, sharing the same emotion, the same excitement. Of course we share events every day, from the mundane to the amazing but it's harder than you might think for all three of us to feel the same at the same time. Small is so young, his emotions are so intense and most experiences are so new, two thirty-somethings are very rarely able to get anywhere near the same feeling. Tonight, watching someone step out of a capsule 24 miles above the planet with only a pressure suit and a parachute to get him back down safely... we got there.
I love my family.

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