Saturday, 6 October 2012

Are they conspiring against me?

Just a short one tonight.

I'm beginning to suspect that Big and Small are in cahoots together against me.

Whenever I ask Big to do some chore, suddenly Small either does something cute and distracting or chucks a wobbly until I've forgotten I asked him to do it. Well, if not exactly whenever then certainly very often.
Not just that either, every weekend we go and do the supermarket shop. Every weekend Small starts fairly well then begins playing up when he is restrained from "helping". Almost without fail it is necessary to remove him from the process and take him back to the car before we get to the checkout. As the only responsible adult in the area, it's always me who has to finish the shopping (because I know what we need) then heave it all onto the conveyor belt and pack it at the end, pay and haul it back to the car, while those two are having fun playing with the wipers and listening to ZZ Top on the radio. Even on the occasions when Small doesn't need removing, Big is so consumed with what he calls "wrangling" that he can't possibly assist me with the unloading/reloading/paying scenario.

I'm being taken for a mug here aren't I?

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