Sunday, 7 October 2012

Winding up.

It was a beautiful day today. Sunny, clear skies, warm even. In a feat of unparalleled personal discipline, Big and I totally resisted the temptation to go running off to the park or somewhere and instead did the household task we knew we had to do and had agreed to do. This has never happened before, it's almost like we're grown-ups.

As a result of this miraculous determination, we have parted with more junk from the garage which has made room for the garden furniture, barbecue and Small's outdoor toys like his sandpit. All things that really shouldn't be left out all winter, but usually are.
I also cleared some weeds, pruned the fruit trees and cut back the herb garden. Maybe, just maybe I won't spend this winter looking regretfully out the back window at all the things that I should have sorted out before it got too cold and damp to want to venture out there.

I've also changed our quilt over to the winter one so I'm really, properly facing up to the oncoming season. Any minute now I'm going to agree to Big turning the central heating on, sparking our eternal winter battle over the thermostat.
Big likes to heat the whole house to upwards of 22C and will open windows when he feels a bit too warm. I myself believe that anyone who behaves in such a way warrants instant forfeiture of their lives. The thermostat is placed where we both walk past it several times a day and so I turn it down, he turns it up and we both roll eyes and mutter about each other. All winter long.

Bring it.

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  1. 22?! Ye gods, that's tropical!

    I have the same eternal battle at work. Me in shirt sleeves, the others in fleeces, and one with a fan heater on. Apparently I'm the weird one :)