Friday, 5 October 2012

Recovered at the last minute!

Today I had to go and do a thing. I couldn't take Small with me so arranged for his grandparents to take him from about 11am until Big could go pick him up after work. Then the thing had to take place earlier than expected and for less time than expected and I ended up with a whole 4 hours to myself.
No child, not even sleeping.
No husband with things to do and places to go.
I wasn't even at work.

So with a elegant sufficiency of options open to me, where I could have tried to cadge a last minute hair appointment, or got nails done, or just gone window shopping - I nipped to the supermarket and went home.

Seriously. I didn't even curl up in bed with Game of Thrones for a couple of hours despite how tempting it was. No, I put on laundry. I hoovered. I baked some empire biscuits. I made the tea. I tidied up toys. 

Total Me-Time Fail. 

(I will capitalise whatever like, I will structure sentences however I like. This is my blog, get over it)

Still, I've pulled it back tonight. It's DJ night for Big so the evening was my own as soon as Small was in bed. I practiced piping icing on my empire biscuits and learned that I really, really don't do well just snipping off a very small end of a disposable piping bag and need to get a proper fine nozzle. After I'd finished that, oh ho, into pj's, cup of tea and a biscuit all ready just in time for Strictly Come Dancing! Cheese, sequins, nervous celebs and Craig Revel Horwood's Panto Villain criticisms to the sound of the panto-sheep audience. What could be better?

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