Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I'm looking to change jobs. There are very many reasons for me to do so. I accepted that the change would necessitate my going back to full time work and I'm mostly resolved that this is a good thing, both for me and Small. I've worked where I do for seven years, the entire time I've lived in Yorkshire. In mostly the same department with mostly the same people, although the job itself has changed dramatically in that time.

It's been more than a month since I started applying for stuff and I'm mainly applying through agencies. I'm beginning to get call backs and my details putting forward to employers now so it's all beginning to get a bit real. I may actually do this.
For all that this is a good thing for me to do for all three of us, it's a big change and a scary change. The easy thing would be to keep things as they are. Keep spending the majority of my time with D and keep just about ticking along financially. It would be secure (ish) and safe. Just probably not right.

It's so tricky to know what the right decision is, if I turn it over in my head enough I can convince myself of anything. It's not about money exactly, at least for the first few months of any new job I take at the moment I would struggle to end up with much more than I currently do even working part time, because of childcare. But there are more things to think about that just the wage. Yet I still have a major case of collywobbles when I think of all the consequences of this change. Of course, I have yet to gain an interview, let alone a job offer so I'm probably jumping the gun a little...


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