Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Feeling so inspired!

I love Great British Bake Off.
I hate Brendan, but judging from the reactions of everyone else I know who watches it, this is quite normal.

But I do watch it painfully aware of my own shortcomings. I love baking and turn out a pretty good selection of treats when I have a mind to but I'm by no means up to anywhere near this standard. There are so many baking staples I've never even tried. Probably because I've never seen my Mum or Granny make them either and all I know of baking, I learned from them.

It's way past time to branch out though. I should try to make choux pastry at least. I should try to make creme patisserie. I should make better bread, more varieties of biscuits, I should not be so frightened of pastry (really I shouldn't be, I've never done badly any time I've made it from scratch, I just very rarely want to risk it)

Of course, funds are limited and experimenting can be costly and wasteful if you don't get it right. I also tend to bake only when I have a reason to do so and when you have a good reason to bake, you don't want to cock it up and be left with nothing. But I should just do it, I will.

I will.

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