Monday, 15 October 2012

It's all coming together

We checked out the nursery today, Small and I.
It's lovely. Everything I expected from my visit to their sister-nursery in the spring. I really liked it.

More importantly, Small just rocked in and headed straight for the first room he could see, sat down and started playing. We herded him up to the pre-school area he'll actually be attending eventually and again, unfazed by all the other strange adults and children he just got stuck in. He came looking for me once, but only to clipe on some other kid 'snatching' and I'm not even sure that was true, he has been to known to cry 'snatch' when anyone goes near a toy he wants to play with. Other than that, his only moment of unhappiness was when we had to go.
I'm so proud of him, it bodes really well for when he starts going properly.
Happily, they have enough space for him on the days and hours that we need too. The only real drawback in all this is that, at least until Easter when his 15 hours of funding kicks in, I'll be mostly working to pay for childcare and commuting fares. All this to be around £100 per month net better off. For all that though, it's £100 we need.

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