Sunday, 9 September 2012

Superpacked Sunday

Wow, I've done a lot today!

Small got me up at the crack of dawn, then once Big had been similarly dragged from his pit and a large quanitiy of coffee had been consumed it was time to boot up and head off into what Big terms 'enemy territory' or Lancashire. Bolton to be precise, for a much overdue, if brief meet up with fellow Mum, fellow blogger and all round bundle of awesome, MermaidinJeans and her very beautiful family.
Small, a boy who unlike his mother is completely unperturbed by meeting new people - came in, sat down and started working his way through all the toys on offer. I can only apologise to our hosts for the utter devastation he left in his wake.

Small had half his nap in the car on the way home, falling asleep three quarters through the sandwich I'd for once remembered to bring. Then was straight back into his own bed once we got back, leaving us free to have our own lunch before spending most of the afternoon doing laundry, taking yesterday's grass cuttings to the tip, and cooking a thyme roast chicken so good I'm fairly sure that if the chicken had known it's fate it really wouldn't have minded at all.

And yet I'm confused as hell as how it is that I seem to spend every waking moment of my life tidying up and cleaning but my house is still a tip! Seriously, it's a frigging sty and I have no idea why. I suspect that allowing people to live in it has something to do with it mind. And I still have the ironing to do.

Tomorrow my sudden transformation into a social butterfly continues as Small and I spend the morning at least with the third friend in four days. I could get used to not being a pathetic, desperate loner.


  1. My house always seems to be a disaster. I clean like crazy yet I never catch up.

  2. I have a feeling Japolina, even if I had the money for a cleaner, I'd spend all my time tidying up before she got here!