Sunday, 30 September 2012

Just one more...

Last night I stayed up til 1am watching Game of Thrones.
Please understand I'm usually out for the count by 10pm by necessity so 1am is usually only known to me if Small wakes me up to perform some small but vital service to him in the night, such as locate the comfort item that has slipped an inch from his hand... Anyway, what I'm trying to communicate is the unnatural nature of my late night.
I only stopped there because Big was still out and regardless of his parents' frailties Small will get up well before 7am and tolerate no argument from us. I've jonesed lightly all day to see some more but when Small napped this afternoon, there was Dr Who to catch up on (Farewell Amelia Pond, you were the best assistant in a long time and I'll miss you)
Finally the little one was packed off to bed for the night and within moments I had the next DVD in and priming. That's the second ep of the night just finished, there's just two left to go and I want to watch them. I really, really want to watch them.
I'm being strong, I will complete this whiney little entry and then I'll go to bed and read Game of Thrones instead. I've been next to dead all day because of my choice last night and dammit, I will learn the lesson! I really will. I know how it ends anyway, I've only got a loan of the first series.

Ohhh but I really want to just finish watching it.

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