Saturday, 1 September 2012

Dr Who Night

Tonight the new series of Dr Who airs. This is an event of no small importance in our home. We love Who. Big is a truly dedicated fan with a carefully built library of 40 years worth of episodes.

It's no small measure of how dedicated to his dj spot at the Turk Big is that when he was asked to swap his Friday night gig for the Saturday that he agreed even though it meant he'd have to miss it. Of course we're recording it, but it's not really the same. Because I am a good wife, of course I have decided to sit here and watch Man V Food reruns instead of Dr Who tonight, we will watch the season premier together. (it's the episode with the Doughman challenge, which would just make me heave. I like the idea of candied bacon on maple cupcakes though)

Small, being our child and subliminally aware at least of the importance of these things, aided me in keeping up my resolve by refusing to settle to sleep until enough of Dr Who had elapsed to make it pointless tuning in. What a wee hero. 

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