Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saturday Night Fever

It's the weekend, I'm a *cough* young *cough* woman it's time to PARTY!

No wait... it's time to watch Strictly, Dr Who then Man V Food while doing some embroidery. Wow, Rock and Roll :D

I'm not even all that bothered, I haven't enjoyed a night out that didn't involve a gig in about 18 years. I don't drink and whatever anyone might tell you, going out on the town sober is not fun. That's why everyone else is  busily getting a skinful. No, maybe that's not true, I am after all basing my opinion on mainstream nights out, in mainstream bars and clubs with mainstream people. I get annoyed by the music, the drunk people, the heat, the barging, the interminable wait at the bar to buy drinks that are too expensive and watered down to boot. Besides, there are people there and I don't really like crowds of people I don't know. I barely like crowds of people I do know.

I should actually be out, I was invited to, had accepted and was with every intention of attending my friend's little gathering of Ladies for dainty foodstuffs, pampering and yakking this afternoon/evening and was booked to provide macaroons and scones for it to boot.
Then Big's employer dropped another whammy on him, or rather refreshed the whammy that's been hanging over us most of the year and suddenly I was less confident about waltzing off to spend best part of a day having fun without him while he minded Small. I pulled out, but still did the baking and dropped it round then he tells me he's agreed to take the other DJ's night at the Turk as he wasn't needed for his night yesterday and it turns out that I couldn't really have gone anyway. So here I am, watching TV on a saturday night while my twitter feed informs me of every track Big is playing, just to remind me that everyone else, even non mainstream people, have a better social life than me.
And to be quite honest, I even like it this way.

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