Monday, 17 September 2012

Attack Of The Killer Pandas

Or if you want to be all official about it, World Of Warcraft- Mists Of Pandaria.

I'm tempted. Oh yes. Pretty much because it's pandas and well, you know me by now. I used to play WoW, back when I was childless and flush with money. (these two circumstances are not co-incidental). Even in the realm where the maladjusted, socially awkward geek is standard, I was still On The Edge. I played alone. I played for the Alliance - don't judge me - I was a Draenei, a hunter with rather excellent skinning skills and a pet sabrecat I called Baby. I avoided fights with any other players and avoided alliances just the same, except when I had a mission I couldn't quite finish on my own, then I'd call Big over for help.

No guilds, no socialising, no being shown up. Just jogging lithely over a mystical landscape with a giant tiger. Happy days. I'd actually been looking forward to maternity leave and being a beached whale for a while so I could just sit there and play and no one could object. Then of course Small arrived 3 months early, before I'd actually stopped work and there was no time and then no money so I cancelled my subscription. I miss it. And now it has pandas in it. I wonder if I can remember my account id and passwords. I wonder how much it is now. I wonder where I can hive some game time from.

Yes, I know. I'm a sucker.

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