Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sunshine In Yorkshire Shock!

It was quite pleasant today. Warm even. There was even quite a lot of sunshine.
I did three large loads of laundry and got it all out on the line. Would have got it all dry out there too but for a teasing little shower than promised to be much worse about an hour before I'd planned to take it all in.

After the monsoon conditions of the last week or so, especially yesterday, it was more than welcome. I was not fooled however. As I discovered yesterday that Small's feet have gone up a whole size, we took advantage of the good weather to nip out for some summer fashions for the little man.
Puddlesuit, new wellies and aquashoes.
Ignore the mess, it's after teatime on a Saturday, I have a toddler. Cut me some slack.

Covering all the bases you see.

Now I have these items, I no longer care how the rest of the summer goes, how the weather is when we head of to Cornwall in a couple of weeks time, it doesn't matter. Whatever the weather, Small is kitted out for it and fun can continue uninterrupted.
Of course, now I've spent the money, we're pretty much guaranteed a long, hot, dry summer from here on in.

You're welcome.

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