Sunday, 15 July 2012

Calling Stepford...

Today has been all about the housework. I've cleaned, I've tidied, I've hoovered, I've laundered, I've ironed, I've cooked, I've cleaned again. So long as no one moves or attempts to wear any clothes before we leave on Friday, we're set.
I hate cleaning, I hate ironing. I do rather like the house to be clean, I just wish I could convince the other people in the household to do the actual work. Small at least is always keen to assist but sadly his idea of help only makes more mess, he'd help me better by just not chucking everything on the floor in the first place.

But I can now concentrate on getting stuff together ready for packing, which I have two days to do. Because I'm out of the house for 12hrs a day on Wednesday and Thursdays, there will be little time or energy for it after Tuesday and if I find I need to buy anything, it'll be too late. It's all a bit daunting. I've only ever visited family for holidays with Small up to now and been staying with family when I have so the sheer range of things I need to remember to bring for him alone is terrifying.

I've put a last minute order in on ebay for some very tiny glass bottles with corks. Hopefully they'll arrive before we go because I want them to save some Cornish sand in them, one for a friend of mine who loves Cornwall but can't get there this year and is quite upset about it and one for Small's memory box, just a wee memento of his first real holiday.

Call me a sentimental ole fool if you want.

Anyway, I have lists and things to make. More obsessive brain dumping about my impending vacation tomorrow ;)

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