Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lazy daze

Small's visit from the Snot Goblin yesterday developed overnight via a few wakings into a raging temperture and a rather listless wee boy by today. When he first got up for the day I thought the fever had broken overnight as he was much chirpier but after an hour or so he was hot again, and wanting only cuddles and tv. Even his most tempting toys were ignored in favour of just sitting on my knee and feeling sorry for himself so I got the Cars DVD and tried that. He has a few toys from the film but has never sat and watched it for more than half an hour before, so I've not seen it either. Today we both sat through the whole thing in one go. Enjoyed it too.
It's just not like Small to be so listless and cuddly, he's normally more like a happy Tasmanian Devil tearing around the house. It was actually fairly pleasant to just have a day where we chilled out together, of course I was worried and worked hard battling the temperature, got really quite worried when it got up to 39.6C but thankfully the next dose of neurofen took that down and he actually perked right up from that point. I just don't often get days where he just wants his Mum and as he was eating and drinking well and was fine in himself beyond being a bit wappit and quiet, it was nice to cuddle.

Typically, just as he started to recover (or the meds started to regulate him enough to mask it at least) I started to feel stiff in the neck, sore throat, headachey, exhausted... yeah looks like I've caught it. And I have to work the next two days.

As ever, I can always rely on my innate sense of timing.

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