Monday, 9 July 2012

A Day Made of Win

Small had his two year check up with the Health Visitor first thing this morning. He's not too well at the moment, running a temp and a bit snotty, a cold on top of nasty molar teething I think. Still he did his normal charm offensive and chatted away to her. He's fine, either where he should be or beyond in all respects. Which I knew, but it's still nice to have it confirmed. That's One.

This morning when I picked up my glasses off the side table, one of the legs stayed behind. That's now the third set of these frames that's done this in less than a year. As we were done with our HV appointment still quite early, I took Small into town and swung by the opticians, dreading being told they were just going to replace the frame again when they've told me before it's a common problem with this particular frame so likely to keep on happening. They didn't even try, the lovely dispenser just said I could go choose new frames and they'd put whole new lenses in, completely free of charge. She even upgraded me to the nice thinned down lenses I couldn't afford to buy with the current ones. And gave me free lens cleaner. And chatted to Small about pirates, dinosaurs and pirate dinosaurs who live on the moon. That's Two

We did some other errands and headed home, walking through warm, even hot sunshine that had not been in evidence a couple of hours earlier when we left the house. Felt a bit of a berk with us both in our wet weather gear until I turned the corner and found we were walking straight towards a very dark, very large, very forbidding cloud. Was just about home before the rain started, tucked Small back into his puddlesuit and threw on my own coat for the last few hundred yards in raindrops the size of tuppences, getting in through our door, home and literally dry just before it really started to chuck it down. It's not stopped since, we timed it that well. That's Three.

Three is more than enough, we'll let the other, even more minor pleasant things go. Nothing earth shattering perhaps, but it's good when your day just treats you well.

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