Tuesday, 3 July 2012

And for my next trick!

So I feel like Guido Fawkes or something, no sooner blogged about Bob Diamond Geezer and how he should resign and he does! I must capitalise on my power and write a long and detailed blog about the incompetent, Bolly-guzzling, hooray Henrys that currently run our country and see if I can't have an election called by morning.

Oh if only.

Not that I'm 100% sure who I'd even vote for if one was. I'll probably stick with Labour as I tend to do even though I have my doubts about wee Eddie Milliband not collapsing with shock if he actually won it and had to take over.
In many ways I wish I was still in Scotland, where the choices open out slightly due to the SNP and the chances of a Tory MP is microscopic. I never actually voted for the SNP when I could and having not lived there for the last 7 years I can't really say how they're working out at the head of the Scottish Parliament but there isn't much choice for centre-left minded people down here, all the choice tends to go to the rabid right.

Maybe I should start my own party. Can you imagine? I tell you right now there'd be higher maternity pay, real access to flexible working and a policy along the lines of if we have high earners who think a 50% tax rate is too high, don't let the border hit them on the arse on the way out BUT if they want to earn any money in Britain then they have to justify publicly why they shouldn't have to contribute back in.
I'd run the country into the ground in five minutes, that's why I'm sitting here typing a random stream of conciousness rather than actually being granted any great power than it takes to announce bedtime for a toddler.

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