Monday, 30 July 2012

I used to craft

Back before Small was born, I was a craft nut. Made my own cards, knitted (poorly), embroidered, made candles, photography, bit of wood working, clothes making, the jewellery business... you name it, I dabbled in it.
When I was pregnant I started knitting a large purple blanket. It's still unfinished. Before I was pregnant I started embroidering a rather wonderful celtic-inspired loch ness monster design that would eventually become a cushion cover.
Still unfinished.
My candle making kit sits unloved in the garage and has done for since we moved in.
I've closed the jewellery business.
And so on.

I could say this is due to the pressures of being a Mummy and the lack of 'me time' now available. To some extent that is true but not in all cases. Small is generally sound asleep by 7:30pm and I don't go to bed until about 10pm, I could at least knit or embroider quite happily in that time but I don't.

I think it's mostly a fatigue thing. By the evening I'm only really in the mood for idle surfing and even idler tv watching. Knitting and embroidery, while wonderful, do rather keep hands busy that would otherwise be tapping keys and sliding around mousepads. Besides, whether it's age or fatigue or perfectly normal, the constant flittering of focus between close up needlework and midrange laptop and/or long distance tv does horrible things to my eyes. So everything just sits around, lamenting the days when they commanded my entire attention. About the only vaguely crafty thing I do now is the baking and cake decorating.

And I'm lazy, there's that too of course! I really should do something about that!

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