Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Gluten Free Baking

My Mum has some sort of wheat intolerance that means she tends to keep her gluten intake down as much as she can, she's recently said she's probably going to cut it out altogether soon. Last year, my sister was diagnosed with Celiac disease so she too, is gluten free.
We're cake people, we like to bake and eat cake (my sister likes the eating better than the baking mostly) and I particularly love baking for others so there's no question I'm going to not bake for them now, I just have to find new ways to do it.
I don't do a huge amount of experimenting in that field but I've already pretty much found that the best gluten-free recipes are recipes that are just meant to be gluten free, rather than normal recipes that have been adapted.
I have a wonderful recipe for a flourless chocolate cake that is adored by everyone who comes into contact with it, I suspect that a few of my friends only stay in touch to maintain the odds of them getting more of the cake. It's a great recipe but if it's the only option, I'm sure even it will get dull. So tonight I'm experimenting with a macaroon recipe.
My sister linked me to it some time ago, a colleague at work had made them and she'd loved them but this is the first chance I've had to give it a go. First batch are done and look great, second batch, with added food colouring, is in now.
Ah dammit. Just got the second batch out and they're not so good. I don't think it's been overmixed any more than the first batch but as I only had one suitable baking sheet available, the second batch waited half and hour longer than the first to go into the oven and I think too much air was lost in the waiting. Will have to find another baking sheet and do the whole lot at once I think.\

If you want to try them yourself, the recipe can found here

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