Monday, 30 April 2012

Make up and Me

I have an open relationship with make-up. I know I can hook up with it when I feel the need and I value it's contribution to my life but we're just as able to live without each other. Frankly, committing to make-up turns it into a bit of a high-maintenance leech on your time.

For many years, I barely wore the stuff at all unless I was going out somewhere that required some of sort of effort to be made, which I didn't do often. It's not a coincidence that I've worn make up more often in my thinner times than my fatter times. As with all the ways in which I present myself to the public - hair, clothes, method of vision correction etc - I care less when I think I'm bound to look awful anyway. Now I've lost the weight again, it seems a shame not to make more of an effort. I lack a lot of the basic training and being completely honest, I'm lazy.

I'm also busy. I have a two year old, a husband, a house to keep up, meals to prepare, a job and a LOT of internet surfing to do. Hauling out of bed when your kids wakes, pulling on comfy sweats (hairbrush optional) and getting on with the day is one thing when said kid is 6 months old, your on mat leave and you have no sense of self anyway but these days I like to try a little harder.

On my terms.

 My hair is dead straight and waist length so I can get away with a minimum of effort there. This is just as well as unless I'm pleating it or putting it in a pony tail at the nape of my neck, I have no styling skills whatsoever. My proudest hair moment in the last year was probably the purchase of those Goody Spin Pins, so I can at least now put in a bun without it unravelling itself half an hour later.

With make up itself I have no patience for messing about. If Small catches me putting it on he's desperate to get in a little Drag time so speed is of the essence. Lily LoLo mineral foundation brushed all over face and neck, their blusher too.
A few months ago I discovered these wonderful Soap and Glory eye pencils with shadow on one end and liner in the other. There's only 3 pairs of colours but they're so fab. It takes like two minutes to apply total and once it dries, it's not moving until you scrub it off. I've slept in it (Lazy, remember?) and it was still almost untouched the next day (I still washed it off then - I'm not that lazy) I haven't used any other eyeshadows since discovering them, it's just not worth it*
Lipstick I'm fussy about. I don't like gloss, my hair gets stuck to it for one thing and I hate, i hate anything that feels claggy or sticky. You may have noticed I didn't mention mascara above, that's because if I wear mascara I spend the whole day trying to pull my eyelashes out because they feel clogged. Urgh. I also dislike the rigmarole of reapplying it and finding it gumming up at the corners of my mouth. In times past I would wear all other make up and avoid lipstick. So it's quite fortunate that in the years of my absentia from the world of cosmetics Max Factor have developed Lipfinity lip tints. Almost could have been developed just for me.

And I'm good to go! Not every day, but now every day that work and sometimes other days if I'm wearing something particularly nice from my new skinny wardrobe and feel the need. When it was nice weather back in March, I even bought self-tan. I bought body scrub. I mostly keep up with removing hair from all the areas western culture suggests women should remove hair from. I wear dresses, some days. Any minute now you could mistake me for a proper girl.

Not yet though, not until I've got a proper hairstyle.

*I am not receiving any incentives from S&G for that endorsement, nor from any of the other cosmetic companies mentioned. Dammit.

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