Saturday, 28 April 2012

What am I thinking?

I'm not exactly new to blogging, but I've never intentionally blogged for strangers. Not that I imagine many strangers will be popping by. I'm not expecting to be that interesting.

What shall I be blogging about? Well your guess is probably as good as mine. I'm married with a two year old and a part time office job, I have a currently unspecific chronic fatigue condition which I work on getting diagnosed whenever I have the energy to chase it up. I bake, I decorate cakes, I make jewellery, I make cards (badly), I make candles (also badly), I listen to rock and metal music and teach my toddler to throw horns. I'm a left wing, libertarian, secular pagan who lets things get to her and picks up hobbies like other people catch cold. I catch colds too.

At any given time I could write about any of these things so all I can say is that I'm in here somewhere.

If you drop by, say hi. Don't leave me hanging.